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Modern Leadership Coaching is a process of providing a framework and structure to goal-setting, improving performance and motivation.

Using a variety of coaching models, tools and styles born out of years of experience our concern is to ensure that you are giving the best personal performance given your current resources.

A Fraser Clarke business coach is experienced in business, will always ask lots of questions, and ensure that you come up with the right answers for you and your business. Fraser Clarke offers such coaching on an executive level for individuals, teams and managers in professional services.

Remember – flexibility is our strength. Our realistic approach has a proven track record at a senior level across many different organizations.

Imagine having a player on your team who challenges and motivates you to be your best - is a sounding board, provides clarification, insight and guidance - makes you stretch in your thinking and learning, holds you accountable for being the best you possibly can be and more.
Someone, who can facilitate you in discovering how to improve performance, boost profits, and make better decisions about everything from personnel to strategy. Impossible? Not really. That player is an Executive Coach.

Is your organisation struggling to keep up with the pace of change? Are you retaining and fully utilizing the talent you already have?

Do any of these characters look familiar?

Mr Macho
- out with the boys drinking til all hours, in at dawn closing deals, no life just work, never see his kids. How can he get a proper balance?
Modern Leadership - Culture Change Programme

Mrs. High-Potential - does not know how good she is, her potential is being held back because she excels at her current job. How can she break free to really fly?
Modern Leadership - Fast Track Programme

Mr. Driven - Spends all day, and half the night, thinking about the job, is frustrated about lack of progress. Where does he turn for help?
Modern Leadership - Leadership Development Programme

Miss Unsure - Lacking in self confidence, very good at her job, does not want to be "one of the guys" to get on. How does she develop assertiveness without being aggressive?
Modern Leadership - Assertive Executive Programme

Mr. Hadenough
- "Been there, done that",
seen them all come and go for years, can't change,
"always done it this way", not sure how to handover to the up and comers, does not think they can handle it. How does he learn to
embrace change?
Modern Leadership - Changing Place Programme

How Many of the above seem familiar to you?

Do you know what you can do about it?

We specialise in working with professional services to improve your people and your business. We have coaches who bring all of their skills and many tools to help you and your team in a measured and realistic way.



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